Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More Pictures from the Weekend at the Asylum.

The 2nd (and final) pictures from this amazing event.  I've already got it marked up to visit again next year!

I liked the headgear!

Intricate and it was all moving too. I regret not videoing it,
hindsight is a great thing!!

This character was like an urban warrior from a Sc-Fi Film!

The workmanship on this outfit was really skillful.

I liked her pet!  I asked her if the dress, made from hessian, was
itchy but she assured me iy was all lined with silk!

She was very cooperative and easy to photograph.  I have "tweaked"
the image very slightly to enhance the regal pose.  In reality she was
great fun to talk to and I had to persuade her not to smile for my pics.

This lady had the most amazing dress with brass wings that opened
out, seen in more detail in following pictures.
A display like a Peacock.

Another lady who was very willing to pose for me, very photogenic.
Despite the amazing apparel this is my favourite shot of this lady,
the blue eyes are really striking.

Who goes there?

No idea what it does, don't want to find out either!

Perhaps a better use for this old cannon?

This chap definitely wanted to remain in character.

This is Matt & Niki who spent some time allowing me to take
photographs and has since given me some further assistance.
Thankyou both!

Matt & Niki again with friends.

A view to include Lincoln Cathedral.

Possibly straight from the set of the remake of "Zulu"?

Cathedral Square in the background.

I Came across Matt & Niki again.

Another colourful character.

Just another family group shot? !!!

Fantastic eyes!

I've made this the last shot as it depicts the whole atmosphere of "Asylum" for me, it was a really
fun weekend.  I read on the Victorian Steam Punk website that "Steampunk is nostalgia for
what never was", it goes on to say at the end of the paragraph:


All photographs taken on a Panasonic FZ150.