Monday, 13 November 2017

Christmas at Pennells Garden Centre, Lincoln 2017.

I was given permission to photograph the Christmas Decorations at the Pennell's Garden Centre in Lincoln.  They have a really impressive display and the atmosphere is fantastic!  

It's well worth a visit, I took more pictures than I intended and, contrary to my usual practice, I'm presenting them in one large set.

The Pennell's staff were so friendly toward me, this is Charles on the right with two
of his colleagues.

People who know me will not be surprised to see I found a dog to photograph!!

Customers can photograph children sat in this chair.

These reindeer entertained everyone singing Christmas songs while swaying from side to side.

"Percy" is HUGE!

Another display to photograph people with.  
I asked the father of these children for permission to photograph them and to post this image
on my blog and he kindly agreed .
If you see this, thank you & I hope you like the image. 

I enjoyed my visit to the Lincoln Branch of Pennell's Garden Centre, I recommend  you do the same.

EM5ii with 9-18mm Olympus Zuiko lens.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The National Railway Museum at York. (Set 2 of 2) "The Station Hall".

The Station Hall is set out like a mainline railway station from the heydays of the steam railway industry.  Again, the lighting was very warm in tone but it created a lovely atmosphere within the "Station".


Back in the day if you wanted to go onto the platform to see someone off or to just look
into the cab of a loco you would need to buy a Platform Ticket.

Each "platform" is set out with a waiting loco and carriages.

A lot of freight was still being carried by rail.

Anything, it seems, could go by train as long as it was correctly wrapped!

Honeymoons would start with a train journey.

A Travelling Post Office Sorting Carriage.
Letters were sorted overnight to various cities & towns and dropped off along the route.

Detail of the ornate brass door handles.  
Modern carriages of course are streamlined with push buttons to open their doors.

There were 3 classes of service for rail passengers.

The Museum has a good restaurant here between the platforms.

EM5ii with 14-60mm Leica lens.