Monday, 24 March 2014

SHEFFIELD (Part 1 of 5)

My son Michael & I had a day out at Sheffield earlier in the Spring.  It was just to take photographs and we took A LOT!

SHEFFIELD (Part 1 of 5)
(Please click on the images to see them larger on Black)

Leaving Cleethorpes.

Arrived at Sheffield.

This is the covered bridge over the tracks.

View through the bridge down onto the station.

Out onto the main station entrance.

Outside Sheffield Station is this water feature.

From the top of the water feature, looking back toward the train station.

Along the length of the water feature is this wall of steel, also a water feature.  Water cascades
down like a waterfall and catches the light to make patterns and colours.  It's made from stainless
steel which was first discovered and made in Sheffield.

It had been raining shortly before we arrived.

People were posing along the wall of steel.

Crossing the main road into the city centre where we wanted to photograph.

A strange structure, I believe it is a vent, on the building called "The Hubs".  It's the Sheffield
Hallam Students Union building.

We took a lot of images of this and had to be quite ruthless when it came to editing them down
later.  I did retain a lot here though!!

Sheffield is known for it's murals, they are everywhere and we took quite a few but didn't
see them all. 

More images of "The Hubs".

This is the main entrance to The Hubs, at this point the sun came out!

Sheffield is built on seven hills and so, as you progress into and across the city you encounter
lots of these passageways and stairways.  More murals on the left image but also some
unfortunate grafitti too!

More images from Sheffield to follow.