Monday, 22 September 2014

Lincolnshire Wolds & it's Big Skies!

Lincolnshire has a reputation for being "flat & boring"which is quire unfair as it has rolling hills known as The Lincolnshire Wolds.  It is also a very diverse county with industry, leisure & farming, so it's far from boring.  
One Thing it is known for is it's "BIG SKIES!"
On a bright & breezy day such as this when I took these images you can see the shapes
and shadows of the clouds sweeping over the landscape as the clouds scud across the 
Lincolnshire "BIG SKIES!" 

Field patterns on The Wolds after the big harvest.

Possibly the best example of the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds & it's big skies.

More harvest patterns.

In the far distance, on the horizon can be seen the Lincolnshire coast
and the Humber Estuary.

The farm at Beesby.

Straw bales from this year's harvest.

The lane through Beesby.

Silage, (green hay) bagged up ready for winter feed for the beasts.

Beesby looking down to the coastal plain and out to the coast.

Admiring it's work, this combine harvester is no longer needed, until next year!

At this time of year most, if not all of the harvest, is gathered in and the fields of
Lincolnshire are full of bales of straw.  Some large round ones as shown here, some very
large oblong ones, and there are still a few of the smaller bales.

All pictures here taken with a Panasonic TZ40 compact camera.