Saturday, 11 July 2015

Views of Grimsby Fishdocks. (2 of 2)

A few more images of Grimsby Fishdock.
Nets & floats laid out on the South Quay.

The tower seen in the background is "Dock Tower".  It was built to provide water power
to operate the dock gates.  Water was pumped up to the top of the tower and the weight
would provide downward pressure to hydraulically open/close the huge lock gates that
enclosed the water within the docks at low tide.
This is done electrically now but the tower remains as a navigational aid to boats returning
to the port and is a well known landmark and symbol of the port of Grimsby.

South Quay.

A visiting boat from the Channel Isles.

The long jetty in the background is The North Wall, once filled end to end with large, deep
sea fishing vessels berthed 2 deep along it's entire length.

All images in these 2 sets taken on a Panasonic FZ45
Bridge camera.