Friday, 21 June 2013

Legbourne and Little Cawthorpe.

Legbourne old railway station, now a private residence.  It was on the old Grimsby to Peterborough line down the east coast.

Little Cawthorpe.

Little Cawthorpe, a small village just outside Louth in Lincolnshire, known locally as "The Splash".
Very picturesque, it's main attraction is the stream that runs through it creating a ford,
great fun for children in the summer watching the cars negotiating the water.

The old windmill at the trout farm, this is at the Legbourne end of the road leading to Little Cawthorpe.

At the end of the lane from Legbourne is the bridge over the stream leading to a footpath that takes you
on a lovely walk by the water to the village of Little Cawthorpe.

Suzy (our new puppy) enjoying a walk along the stream.

The village of Little Cawthorpe.
This is "The Splash", the ford that gives this area the name it is more widely known as.

This is where the stream exits a private garden to continue on it's way into the village.

Suzy and my wife Carole at The Splash.

Suzy, wondering what this is all about!