Monday, 18 August 2014

Clever K9's Dog Show. (1 of 2)

We visited a dog show organised by "Clever K9's" on the 3rd August 2014.
Our little dog Suzi did quite well!

Judging in the ring.

Entrants walking their dogs around on the "parade".

Some dogs had coats on which I found strange as it was a really hot day.  However, I discovered
they were "cool coats" that somehow kept the heat off the dogs.

Characters everywhere!

Watching the activity in the ring.

Enjoying the contest.

This man was not entering his dogs, just having a day out.

A young Belgian Shepherd, again with a "cool coat".

More spectators.

This dog wasn't so keen!

Having a look around, eyeing up the opposition?

A Havanese.

"2nd place for the Havanese.

Sitting this one out!

Part 2 to follow soon.