Friday, 2 June 2017

The Steam Punk Weekend at the Lincolnshire Wolds (Preservation) Railway. Set 2 "Punch & Judy".

Punch and Judy shows are traditional entertainment at British Seaside resorts dating back to Victorian times. 
Not very "PC" nowadays, the shows display violence and end with a hanging scene!

Punch & Judy is a puppet show usually performed outdoors.

The star of the show, Mr. Punch on the left.

Now joined by Mrs. Punch

The hanging scene, for the sake of good taste I haven't shown
the macabre climax of this gruesome part of the plot!

Mr. Punch being visited by a ghost following the  hanging scene.

To non-British viewers, or anyone not familiar with the full plot of a traditional Punch & Judy show, this may all sound very bizarre.
A non-violent alternative show is usually offered to the audience these days but usually declined in favour of the full, violent version.
Oh yes, it's primary target audience is for children!