Saturday, 15 July 2017

Gunby Hall (Interior).

Pictures of the interior of Gunby Hall.  

Although well lit These images were taken at 1600 ASA
(ISO to you young 'uns)

This is the view of the Hall when visitors approach.

In the side entrance hallway are these "pendulum bells".  They were used to summon
assistance from the staff at the Hall; if the member of staff was delayed getting to see
which bell had been ringing, it's pendulum would still be swinging for quite a while.

The Music Room.  The composer Raife Vaughan Williams was a visitor & played this piano. 

A Bluthner piano was considered to be of the same quality and sound as a Steinway.

A camode in one of the bedrooms.

This is a flushing water closet (WC), one of the earliest known.


The Dining Room, very lavish and beautifully furnished.

By contrast, this was the servants dining room and main working area.