Monday, 6 January 2014

Grimsby (Part 1 of 2).

Grimsby was once the largest fishing port in the world.  Since the decline of the fishing industry though it has gone into a decline.  The Dock Tower has been the iconic symbol of Grimsby and would welcome the fishermen home after a fishing trip.
The tower was designed by James William Wild who based its appearance on that of the Torre del Mangia on the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena; it is, therefore, closely related to the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower of Birmingham University. It was built under the supervision of J. M. Rendel, who was the civil engineer in charge of construction of the Royal Dock.
(The above paragraph of information is by courtesy of Wikipedia.)

It is believed that during the Second World War the German bombers deliberately avoided damaging the tower as it was a good navigation aid for them after crossing the North Sea! 

Freeman Street, looking towards the fishdocks and the iconic Dock Tower.  Freeman Street was
once the main shopping area in Grimsby and had many public houses.  Being the first street the
fishermen came to after coming back from a fishing trip, anything up to 3 weeks, they would do
a roaring trade! 

A closer view of the Dock Tower.

Freeman Street Market.
Freeman Street Market was open to the elements for many years but was then covered over.
Much warmer and dryer for the stall holders and customers but many people feel it lost a
lot of the atmosphere it had before.

The Corporation Arms on the corner of Freeman Street & Nelson Street.

One of the multi-storey flats.

Cottees Bar, on Freeman Street at the Riby Square end.

Anyone coming into Grimsby from the A180 will see this Burger King at a rounderbout known
as Lock Hill.

Just to the side of Burger King is "The Landings", a hotel and resturant.

The Wisteria can be enjoyed here all year round as it is a very realistic painting!

The roundabout at Lock Hill has been landscaped recently with Fir trees, grasses and, in this
case, carved boars heads on top of recycled telephone poles

Boars heads appear on the Grimsby coat of arms so are very
suitable for this display.
(Taken at the 600mm end of the zoom lens on my Panasonic
FZ150 camera.)

All pictures taken on a Panasonic FZ150 camera.