Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Frosty, Foggy Day at Cleethorpes. Central Promenade & Pier Gardens. (Part 2 of 2)

This part of the walk is on the Central promenade and the Pier Gardens.

Part of the illuminations, this piece with Mickey Mouse is relatively modern.  It replaced another
one which, when I was a kid, all locals called "The Man in the Moon!"

Looking back to the south end of the resort with the Leisure Centre in the distance.

A very similar view to the previous shot but taken from the top of "High Cliff".  Only a small hill
really but the nearest thing to high ground we can boast about in Cleethorpes!
Central and South Prom on the left & the Kingsway to the right.  

Looking in the opposite direction and there is a pleasant walk through the Pier Gardens.
Cleethorpes has won several awards in the "Britain in Bloom" contest in the last few years.

Ross castle with the pier in the background.  I wrote about Ross Castle in an earlier blog so
I wont bore you with it all again.  Suffice to say that it brings back fond childhood memories
and you can't say you are Cleethorpes born & bred unless you ran up to the top of
Ross castle when you were a child!

Part of the Cleethorpes heritage Walk.

Nice lighting on the paving slabs.

The light was starting to fade here.

Morning stroll at Cleethorpes and time to enjoy what the visitors miss in the summer.   

This bus stop was nowhere near the Promenade but on my way home I couldn't resist taking it!

All pictures taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.

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