Thursday, 2 January 2014

National railway Museum, York. (Part 2 of 3)

The Great Hall.
The Great Hall is the centerpiece of the Railway museum and it's where all the locomotives are housed
and has a turntable set up with many loco's arrayed around it. 

9220 "Evening Star".  Built at Swindon in 1960, it was the last steam locomotive
to be built by British Rail.

A very impressive loco but it was this array of copper pipework that attracted me.

Someone has the job of keeping it all nice and shiny!

The Japanese "Bullet Train", it's correct name is the "Shinkansen.

The "Bullet" was quite impressive as a modern design but didn't really appeal to me.
This headlamp detail was all that I found to photograph.

737, an ex South Eastern loco built at the Ashford Works in 1901.
It wasn't until I got home and reviewed all my images that I realised just how beautiful this loco
is and I regret not taking a lot more of it to show it's attractive flowing lines and details.  The trouble
is there is so much to see and photograph, and people constantly moving into, shot that opportunities
like this can be overlooked.  Maybe next time?

Lots to see in The Great Hall other than just loco's.

A wrought iron footbridge in the middle of the hall, beautifully restored.

A general view of the hall from the bridge.

My son Michael waiting for me at the bottom of the bridge.

In the workshop they were restoring the "Flying Scotsman".  It was in a sorry state but will hopefully soon be back in all it's glory.

My research says it has had several numbers during it's service but of course it's only the famous
name that matters. 

The light was starting to fade outside but I was able to use that to get this low key shot
of the Great Hall and the huge glass doors through which the loco's are brought in.

All photographs taken on a Panasonic G5 camera, tripod mounted with exposure times varying
from 3 to 5 seconds @ f8.

The 3rd and final part in the series will appear soon.