Monday, 12 May 2014

Cleethorpes High Street. (Part 1 of 2)

The High Street at Cleethorpes has undergone quite a lot of changes over the years; it has gone from the usual mix of small shops and nationally known stores to places of entertainment, nightclubs and eating places.
With that in mind I decided to photograph each premises from  one end to the other, archive the images and then re-investigate how things have changed in a few more years time.

I realise that a procession of shops, pubs etc might not appeal to everyone but I'm confident that there will be someone in the North West who will appreciate them.  After this I hope to avoid this type of subject for a while.

One of the longer established businesses along the High Street.

A pub

A modern refurbishment to this solicitors premise.

"Bootlegger", the first of many night clubs.

I'm not sure what this is called at present, it's going through yet another metamorphic change.
Many years ago it was a Woolworth's store but long before  that, and before I can remember,
it was a cinema.  You can just see the typical frontage at the top.

Probably the oldest established business on the High Street.

Where there are lots of night clubs you will always find a taxi firm.

The first of many food takeaway shops.

Another nightclub, closed during the day of course, until the "moles" come out of their holes!

More food choices.

This business is more of a wine bar and opens for the usual pub hours.

Not sure about this place, probably "between uses"!

Another nightclub.

A traditional pub, for years it was just known as "The Victoria" but has more recently
been taken over by the O'Neills Chain.

This one had me thinking, it wasn't until I saw the image on my PC that I realised it is selling
the new "electronic cigarettes"!  Strange!!

Not sure if this is open or just recently broken into!  It's a bike shop.

Another sign of the times, these are popping up all round Cleethorpes.

Another sign of the times, there's always someone looking to make a bob or two.

Part 2 will follow soon.