Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cleethorpes High Street. (Part 2 of 2)

Wild animals for sale!

More & more people are taking to the streets on these.

This was a Wimpy Bar when the row of shops was first built.  I spent many a happy hour in here
eating burgers and the new "French Fries" in the 60's!

According to it's own shop header this shop has been here for at least 28 years.

At least it's open!

A different choice of food.

The 2nd bike shop along here.

Italian food here.

Yet more food!

Not sure if it's closed or just "resting"!

Cleethorpes' main Post Office.

This was once the Woolworths store when it moved from the old cinema.  It stood empty fore quite
a while after their demise but is now thriving as Boyes.

A hairdresser's and they also fit & sell wigs, see next image.

"Wigs at Megs".  With the problem I had last year, when someone objected to me taking a photo
that had their house in the background, I popped in here to ask permission to photograph this
display.  After explaining what I wanted it for, and telling the proprietor it would be going on my
blog, she was only too willing to give her permission!  Free advertising!   

This is a long established shop selling children,'s wear.  Mrs. Greens' son went to school with my son
and we always bought all our children' s school clothes from her.

Gift shop & tea room, more the sort of shop that a seaside town needs.  A lady came out, not sure if
she was the owner, to ask why I wanted to photograph it. Again, she was only too pleased to allow it.

Not one of the nocturnal variety, this
shop provides a nice service during
the daytime.

For many years this was "Humphreys" a clothes shop selling quality clothes at reasonable prices.
It succumbed several years ago and has been occupied by quite a few businesses which didn't
last very long.  It's now another supplier of food for the revellers!

This is the end of my walk up and back along Cleethorpes High Street.  I found it interesting to see the
trends and different businesses, it will be interesting to do it again in say 5 years time to see how things
change and who survived.

No more shops for a while now, that's a promise!

All images taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.