Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Watersedge Country Park, Barton on Humber.

The watersedge country park is on the sight of the former Britag chemical plant.  The ground was considered too contaminated to build houses on so was left to flood and form the many lakes and pools.  The area is now an important site for nature conservation with footpaths for people to walk through and enjoy.
It is alongside the Humber Bridge at Barton on Humber.

The many wetland areas at Watersedge can be accessed by these raised walkways.

Modern art meets comfort in this convenient seat.

Barton was once known for it's tile works, a tile work still exists on another site.  These roffing
tiles have been used to create a wall.

Part of the visitor centre

The visitor centre.

There was once a ropeworks at Barton and
this is the end of the narrow gauge rail track
that the winding gear ran along during the
rope making process.