Monday, 26 May 2014

Grimsby Town Station.

Grimsby Train Station.

Grimsby "Town" Station.  It's called "Town" station because many years ago, in the heyday of
the fishing industry there was another station along the line near the Fish Docks called
"Grimsby Docks Station".  I believe parts of that station still exist but it isn't easily accessible,
trains no longer stop there.
Here outside can be seen the recently laid controversial paving flags that some people find confusing,
only recently a lady misjudged were the kerb was and had a fall. 

Looking back along the track from one of the two pedestrian footbridges within the station.

The other way you can see a third bridge at the road crossing to allow pedestrians access over
the tracks when the barriers are down.

This is the other station footbridge, an enclosed structure decorated black & white.
Grimsby Town AFC colours?

Garden Street signal box, now no longer used.

The crossing on the black & white bridge.

The Grimsby to Manchester train arriving on platform 2.

Two very different forms of transport.

Back out of the station into Grimsby and another view of the paving that is causing so
much controversy.

Pictures taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.