Monday, 20 March 2017

Lincolnshire Churches. St Peter, Kingerby.

Kingerby is an ancient hamlet, iron age remains have been found here.  The estate of Kingerby was owned by a Roman Catholic family during the 17th - 19th Centuries and was a hiding place for Catholic Priests.
The church of St. Peter has a Nave, Chancel, a South aisle and small South Porch.  The west tower dates from before the 12th century

The church of St. Peter, Kingerby.

The two effigies shown here against the South Wall are that of Sir William Disney and his son,
also called Sir William Disney.

A medieval font.

The Chancel, very plain with hand carved sets and stone flag floor.

The younger Sir William Disney shown in plate armour.  he died in the Black Death of 1394.

The  elder Sir William Disney.  He fought with Edward,
The Black Prince and died in 1316.

The Disneys held the Manor of Kingerby in the
14th & 15th Centuries. 
The Disneys of Kingerby are ancesters of the film maker, Walt Disney. 

At the west end of the Nave is this poor box.

The much worn box is inscribed with the words,
"This is God's treasury. Cast one mite into it. 1639."

Old carved seats and plain stone floor.

Leaning against the south wall of the Nave is this effigy of Henry Disney.

The timbered roof dates from the 17th Century.

Looking back from the west end of the church we see the Nave, Chancel and South Aisle.

St. Peter, Kingerby.

The church is now cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust