Wednesday 30 May 2018

A walk around the village of Welton By Lincoln.

Welton By Lincoln.  As it's name suggests Welton is a village just outside the city of Lincoln.

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In common with many Lincolnshire villages, Welton has a stream running through it. 

Lincolnshire pantiles used as wall copings.  Possibly made at the William Blyth
Tileworks at Barton Upon Humber?

It just wouldn't be a "proper" day out without encountering a dog!

A working pump over a well shaft.

Every village, town & city has them, so why not?

Public enemy No. One (in the plant world)
Valerian, very nice, colourful but will seed anywhere and in great profusion.
Once they're in your street it could take years to rid yourself of them, I KNOW!

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60mm Leica Lens.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Underneath the Arches (or, the Humber Bridge).

The Humber Bridge, opened on the 24th of June 1981, still draws people to view it on both banks of the Humber Estuary which it spans.
We often take Suzi there for a walk and on this occasion we walked through the nature conservation area below the south side approach.  There are wetlands there, a lake and areas where the wildlife can flourish.

The area below the bridge has been left for nature to take over.

Not Dandelions, not sure what they are tho'

Cowslips, the meadow area here is well populated with them.

Underneath the south approach from Lincolnshire. (The best side!!)

The far bank is the Yorkshire side.

This tileworks below the bridge is still producing the traditional Lincolnshire Pantiles.

People like to walk across the bridge.

The lake below.

The large concrete blocks are the anchor points for the suspension cables.

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60mm Leica lens.

Sunday 27 May 2018

Rednil Stud, Welton.

Rednil Stud is in the village of Welton, Lincolnshire.

A stream runs through Welton and passes the stud.

This building, now used for storage, was once a residence called a Lincolnshire
Longhouse.  The roof space would have been two or three bedrooms all linked together
and the ground floor was the living area.  A family, possibly a farm worker, his wife and
children would have lived in it.  The gable end has had the double doors added
in more recent times.