Wednesday 27 March 2013

Watermills, Abbeys & Churches.

Lincolnshire has many old watermills, included here are just one or two.

Old Watermill at Hubbards Hills near Louth.  Now a residential house.

The same watermill but painted by my wife Carole.

The old watermill at Donnington on Bain, taken in the Springtime.

Donnington again but this time photographed in the Autumn.

One of the best restored watermills in Lincolnshire, at Alvingham.  Once open to the public but
now a private residential property.

The Gatehouse to Thornton Abbey, near Thornton Curtis in Lincolnshre.  

A close-up of the figures above the gate at Thornton Abbey.

"Graffiti" from years gone by in the stonework in the entrance to the Abbey.

The church at Market Stainton.

Signs of Spring?

Monday 18 March 2013

Lincolnshire Scenes & Views.

A well known row of trees adjacent to the Louth Road in Lincolnshire.

Sunlight through the trees on a frosty day in Willingham Woods. 

Overlooking the Lincolnshire Wolds at Binbrook Top.

A well known (and photographed) barn in the valley at Brinkhill.

This image shows the characteristic rolling fields of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Taken at a place known as "Bullyhill".

A panorama of the fishing lake at "Oasis Fishery", North Somercaotes.

Panorama of the promenade at Cleethorpes, taken from the pier.

Castle farm on the Wolds between Tealby and Walesby.  The long distance "Viking Way" walk
takes you along the hilltop adjacent to the farm.

Horse & riders on the "Viking Way" overlooking Tealby.

Day Chalets on the seafront at Sandilands.

Barrow Haven.

The "Amy Howson" & "Comrade" berthed at Ferriby Sluice on the River Ancholme.  They take
people out for trips along the River Humber during the summer months, well worth going!

"Comrade" approaching the Humber Bridge", photographed from "Amy Howson".

Below the Humber Bridge, taken from the footpath below.

Monday 11 March 2013

Spring is Almost Here!

Taken today, 11th March 2013.

In my garden today, photographed between the snow showers.

A Few Shops

A few shops in Louth, Lincolnshire.

The best shop in Louth, probably as I'm an angling enthusiast!  Pete in here is always ready with
helpful advice and has a wicked sense of humor too!

The staff are fully aware that their sign is upside down but probably prefer to leave it that way
as it attracts customers into the shop to tell them!!!!

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Bardney Heritage Centre.

The Heritage Centre at Bardney is a very interesting place to visit, lots of railway related items to see plus other artifacts from the surrounding area.  There is a nice cafe there too and the staff are really friendly, pay it a visit, you wont be dissapointed.
For further info about opening hours etc see or click on the link below.

These photographs taken on Saturday 2nd March 2013.

Bardney Heritage Centre.

Various items on the "platform".

Balast Wagon brake wheel.

A warm welcome awaits you in the cafe.

The poster on the right is for the Independant Order of Rechabites.  It was a Friendly Society founded
in England in 1835 as part of the wider British temperance movement to promote total abstinence
from alchoholic beverages. 
(Information courtesy of Wickipedia)

Enjoy some refreshment in the cafe.

All images taken with a Panasonic FZ150.

Lincoln Cathedral and Bardney

Lincoln Cathedral seen from Washingborough.

Lincoln cathedral set on the hill above the City.

The "Galatea" berthed on the River Witham at Bardney.

The bridge over the River Witham at Bardney with the sugar beet factory in the distance.

A derelict building along side the river, not very pretty but a must for any photographer!

The front facade of the derelict building.
All images taken with a Panasonic FZ150 on Saturday 2nd March 2013.