Sunday 3 March 2024

Waithe Lane.

 "Waithe (or Waythe) is a hamlet and civil parish in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is on the A16, 1 mile (1.6 km) south from Holton-le-Clay".

(Above info courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Popcorn & I have been having a few walks along this lane recently.

A stand of Poplar trees, similar to the well known ones on the A16.

We rarely have a walk around our area without seeing someone out riding.

It's quite a windy sort of lane.

The Poplars seen from across the fields.

The lanes and roads have been badly chewed up over
winter where cars & tractors need to pull over to allow
other vehicles to pass.

Over head power distribution poles, some folk think they're a blight on the landscsape
but they don't bother me.

A few views across the countryside.  The land near the coast is very flat.

More Poplar trees.

And I'll finish with an all too common scene along our rural lanes & fields.

Panasonic TZ 100 Compact camera.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Humberston Fitties Foreshore, Winter.

The last post was of photo's taken in the summer at the Fitties.  These pics were taken in January this year late in the afternoon with the sun very low in the sky.

A freezing cold day, frosty start and the odd snow flake in the wind.

A lot more birds now on the creek and the sand bars as we get a lot of winter migrants down here.

Still a few people out for a walk, mostly locals well wrapped up against the cold.

This couple were enjoying the last bit of sunshine.  There's a trend now down on the Fitties
were folk decorate some of the benches.

Shipping on the Estuary and Spurn Lighthouse on the north bank.

The sun has gone from the foreground in this pic as the sun drops down behind the dunes
but is still lighting up the distant beach.

A ferry leaves the Humber ports.

The sun is going down quickly now, just a touch of sunlight on the sand bank.

This jetty has steps down to the beach, the ferry is making good progress.

Panasonic TZ100 compact camera.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Humberston Fitties Foreshore, Summer.

 Some photo's taken back in the summer of 2023.  We had a walk along the Fitties at my favourite time, when the tide's out.  I like the patterns left on the sand, the winding creek and sand bars.

I've had another walk along here in January and will post the pics from that walk soon.

People paddling in the creek, the tide comes in here very quickly when it turns so people out
on the sandbank have to be aware.  The Beach Patrol goes along at the turn of the tide to warn
folk and occasionally have to take people off on their 4 wheel buggy.

A WW1 fort out in the Humber Estuary, there are two.  This is Haille Sand Fort.

An access jetty to get down onto the beach.

A popular thing were people leave locked padlocks with messages.

A view back toward Cleethorpes.

There's always plenty of room at the Fitties to find your own bit of beach.

Looking across the Humber Estuary to the North Bank to see  the lighthouse on Spurn point 
with the Wind turbines beyond in the North Sea.  My telephoto lens has foreshortened the distance,
at this point the Estuary is approx. six miles across.

The Humber Estuary is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the UK.

Breakwaters along the beach.

A wind surfer getting his kit ready for when the tide turns.

I liked the winding creek here with people paddling.

This area is adjacent to the Humber Mouth Yacht Club and people get out of the wind in 
the shelter of the large sandhills here.  Beyond is the RSPB Tetney Marsh bird reserve.

No explanation needed here.

In the dunes were quite a lot of old English Roses.

One of the Rose flowers.

The dunes are protected by Larch fencing to retain the sand until the Marram Grass roots.

There's a wide path along the top of the dunes. 

This illustrates how the Larch Fencing retains the sand dunes.  Winds blows sand into the
enclosed area and a dune develops, Marram Grass soon grows to bind it together.

Always a popular place for seabirds and bird watchers, here's a Little Egret.

My favourite pic of the day from here.

Nikon Z50 + 50-250mm Lens.