Thursday 19 March 2020

The real residents of Bridlington.

Bridlington is a popular seaside resort on the Yorkshire coast and also a busy fishing port.  I have gone back into my archived pictures of a lovely day there a few years ago.

The Gulls are very vocal and their calls are part of a day at the seaside.  Be very careful when you eat your fish & chips tho' as they like to "share"!!

I'll post some other pics of general views from around Bridlington on a following blog post soon.

Canon Eos300D + 300mm Sigma.


  1. Ha! I first read the title as Birdlington! I love gulls in spite of the mess and the noise and their tenacity in getting our lunches. They are wonderful and happy shots on a grey day here. We’re stuck inside of course, trying to resist the thought of all the chaos of our big world. Stay well and keep sharing your archives.

  2. Thank you for your comment Ann. I love to hear the gulls calling, the sound says "coast" to me. The gulls here are Herring Gulls. We do get them over Cleethorpes but our main variety are Black headed Gulls.
    We, "the over 70's & vulnerable group" are now in self isolation for the next 12 weeks, very strange. We can go out into our gardens or walk our dogs but must avoid coming into contact with anyone whilst out on a walk. My Suzi is so sociable toward people I couldn't avoid them so, no walks for now.
    In our small area of England there are no known cases of the virus but, as the authorities are only testing a minority of people, I'm playing safe and staying home. So, no forays out with my camera and hence the reason foe me recycling my old pictures to keep the blog going. I hope your not bored if you remember any?!!
    I'm made to feel a little less guilty by our BBC who, over the years, put out repeat TV programs with the introduction "another chance to see". They make it sound like an opportunity, not a repeat.
    I hope you & your family are managing to keep safe and avoiding this virus.

    1. I’m glad to have your report. We are in the same situation here. Schools are closed, as are restaurants, bars, gyms, museums and many stores.we have been asked to stay home but not yet ordered to do so. We can go for groceries but during certain “senior” hours. Bottom line is that the US is trying to do everything possible to avoid the situation as experienced by Italy. We will just have to hope for the best that our health care providers can handle the demand.

      I never tire of your photos!

  3. Lovely set of photos - and what a wonderful sky. I like to see and hear the gulls even if they do attack our garden bird house trying to steal the food.
    We are isolating now, after a conversation with our son - he is now working from home. I miss seeing the grandchildren. We actually do go out every morning though - we drive to various quiet beaches. We figure we are safe there and enjoy the sea air.
    Take care.