Monday 28 February 2022

After the storms.

 The gales and  storms we've been having have now abated and the weather has improved, so we had a drive out into the Lincolnshire countryside.

A small copse of trees.

An example of a hedge that's been "layed"  and some coppiced trees.

The Snowdrops are mainly  "going over" now but I found this area in shade that were still fresh.

In my last post I left a link to this thatched cottage being re-thatched a few years ago.
This is how it looks now the thatch has weathered.

St. Helens Church, Brigsley. 

Horses are a common site around the lanes of Lincolnshire.

Waltham Windmill, renowned for being one of the few remaining
six sailed windmills in the country.

The remaining pics are from Grainsby, a familiar place to blog viewers. 


Olympus EM10ii + 12-40 Pro Lens.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Brackenbury's Ice Cream shop.

 The storms and other things have stopped me getting out with camera, so I've dug out a couple of pics from the archives.   This is Brackenbury's Ice Cream Shop at Brigsley in Lincolnshire, or rather it was.  It closed several years ago and is now a private residence.

We used to call here after a drive or walk for what was the best ice creams in my opinion.  They'd been making ice cream for well over 100 years, as the sign shows.

Brigsley is a village we often visit and has a well known (and photographed) thatched cottage, some years ago it was re-thatched and I've included a link to some photo's I took of it at the time, see below.

Brigsley Thatched Cottage.


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Taken on a Panasonic FZ150 bridge camera.