Tuesday 30 May 2023


 A return visit to one of our favourite places, Grainsby in Lincolnshire.  A short visit as health issues are still a problem.

Grainsby is a traditional park on a farming estate, the house in the distance was once the
gatehouse when this was a gated area.

The Hawthorn blossom has been glorious this year.

A favourite wild plant, Cow Parsley is in abundance just now. 

I've not seen so many "candles" on the Horse Chestnut trees as we have this year.

Just a short drive from Grainsby is this dead, old stag of a tree.

In my garden now, a Buttercup flower in our "wild area".

Another flower from the wild area, a Cranesbill Geranium.

Nikon Z50 + 16-50 lens (garden flowers 40mm Macro lens).

Sunday 21 May 2023


 A few photo's of Popcorn taken while he was playing.  I make no excuse for some being blurred, or out of focus.  I think myself lucky to have got any pics he's so lively.  I took quite a few, here are the reasonable ones.

(The photo in the background is of Jasper, the dog we had before Suzi)

Panasonic Lumix TZ100 Compact camera.

Saturday 13 May 2023

A trip across the Humber Bridge. (21 pictures).

 I recently had to go to Castle Hill Hospital in East Yorkshire for a PET Scan, described as a "full body scan".   This was to investigate a problem picked up on a CT Scan a few weeks previous in my local hospital.   My son drove me there so I took the opportunity of photographing the crossing of the Humber Estuary, via the Humber Bridge, through the windscreen of his car.  Something  I'd wanted to do on the many times I have driven over the bridge myself.  

The Humber Bridge carries traffic over the Humber Estuary from Barton On Humber, Lincolnshire
to Hessle in East Yorkshire.  This is the approach to the bridge.

The bridge seen from Barton On Humber.

Now on the bridge, this is the lead in to it.

The two large concrete blocks on either side are the anchor points for the huge suspension cables.

The bridge has two towers, this is the south tower on the Lincolnshire side.

The north tower on the Yorkshire side.

Looking over the side to the Hessle foreshore, an old mill tower and an hotel.

This is the A63 passing beneath the bridge taking traffic into Hull.

And then we reached the toll booths.

Payment is by contactless credit card or paying later on line.  ANPR cameras operate 
so no good trying to avoid payment.

Leaving the bridge and heading toward Beverly, the hospital is just before reaching there. 

Arriving at Castle Hill Hospital for my scan.

Back on the way home, arriving at the toll booths for the return crossing. 
It was by now a lovely sunny evening.

On our way over.

I took this through the side window of the car, it's a bit blurred as I forgot the car was moving.

At this point my photographers eye took over & I couldn't resist a bit of artistic licence.

Back to the Lincolnshire side, this is the Waters Edge Visitor Centre at Barton on Humber.
We've had many happy walks here with our dog Suzi in the past.  Popcorn hasn't been here yet.

Coming off the bridge on the run down to Barton On Humber.

That was a few weeks ago, I've since had the results of the scan and there's nothing to be concerned about but the doctors will continue to monitor me and I'll be having more CT scans in the future.

Panasonic Lumix TZ100 Compact camera.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Quick garden update.

 Just a few pics from my garden, taken between doctor and hospital appointments.  Both my wife & I are having lots of visits.  Last week I had to travel into East Yorkshire for a PET CT Scan which meant crossing the Humber Bridge, my son drove me there so I photographed the crossing on my little compact camera.  Pictures from that may appear on my blog soon.  Time permitting.

I've planted up a lot of my tubs & pots with bedding plants and despite the poor weather they're doing quite well.

These are all in the back garden, an area out of bounds to my new puppy Poodle,
for this year at least.  He likes to dig things up!

Welsh Poppies are all over my garden, started with a single packet 20 or more years
ago and they just keep self seeding every year.

I've left the bottom area of our garden to "re-wild" itself for the last 3 years and these
are wild Cranesbill Geraniums that appeared from somewhere. 

Nikon Z50 + 16-50 lens.