Friday 27 December 2013

Hessle Foreshore (Part 2 of 2).

Continuing our walk along the Hessle foreshore at the Humber Bridge.

This part of our walk is from the Humber Bridge along the Hessle Foreshore towards the City of Hull.
Hull has just been named as UK City of Culture for 2017.

A nice row of cottages along the foreshore road.

The cottages are very nearly below the Humber Bridge!

This shows better the proximity of these cottages to the bridge, everything along this road was 
flooded when the tidal surge occurred.

Nice porches on these old cottages.

The sign claims this cottage (and I assume the whole row) 
to be C.1630.  I don't think this porchway dates back that 
far so maybe it refers  to the original structures?

Another row of modern cottages, not quite so near to the bridge as it might seem.  My telephoto
lens has foreshortened the perspective somewhat here.  Unfortunately they too will have been flooded.

A footpath leading back into the Humber Bridge Country park.

A choice of several walks from here.

The old mill which can be seen when 
crossing the bridge.

Washed up on the beach close to the Country Park Hotel.

The next few pictures were taken going away from the bridge toward Hull.
The footpath from here is called "Jeans Walk" as shown on the sign.  It takes you all the way along the
bank of the Humber to Hull.  Another time, when circumstances allow, I intend to walk along here as far
as the distant docklands.

Hull docks area can be seen in the distance.

A closer view.

This was taken at the extreme end of my zoom lens at 600mm.

A last look at the bridge from "Jeans Walk" with my home county of Lincolnshire on the far side.

All pictures taken on Panasonic FZ150 camera.

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