Friday 6 December 2013

Stitches removed.

Today I had the stitches removed from both my nose and neck.  I thought the dressing appeared a bit scary but what was beneath it is quite unpleasant.  The consultant assured me it is perfectly ok and normal for this stage in the healing process and everything is progressing well.  Despite that I decided not to publish a photo of it!  I'm feeling a bit sore again now!

Thankyou for the get well messages, I hope to get some pictures posted soon.  Looking through the stats for this blog I was intrigued to see the posting that has had the most views, and by a very large margin, was the one about photographers Legal Rights.  I'm pleased so many people read it and hope you downloaded the card from the Amateur Photographer magazine, it really is useful to have.  I'm reassured by the words of encouragement I've had from peoples comments on the blog, and also from my friend Tracy, not to get disheartened and I'm looking forward to when I can get out with the camera again.

Thank you all, bye for now David.

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