Tuesday 31 March 2020

St. Lawrence Church, Fulstow.

These few pictures are not from my archives but taken just before the current restrictions.
Fulstow is a small village in the Fens area of Lincolnshire, a few miles from the coast.  It was listed in the 1086 Doomsday Survey as "Fuglestow".

The church of St. Lawrence is grade 11 listed & is in the Early English period from 1160 - 1180.  Two 14th Century effigies are in the entrance porch. 

There are two carved figures on either side of the entrance.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm Mzuiko Lens.

Sunday 29 March 2020

A good find in my archives.

No, not Suzi,  but my previous Cavelier "Jasper".  He was a good old boy; this was taken in April 2005.

Friday 27 March 2020

Bempton Cliffs.

Bempton Cliffs is a nature reserve on the Yorkshire coast, north of Bridlington and an important breeding colony for many seabirds.
This was the final stopping point on my trip along the Yorkshire coast a few years ago.

We found a place in the reserves' car park, only to find dogs were not aloud onto the headland!  So I had to nip along there very quickly by myself to get a few pics.   I'm not a wildlife photographer so made do with the lens I had.

The ever popular Puffin, comical & very colourful.  Pity it turned it's back!

Fortunately it did turn around.

A pair of Oyster Catchers at the nest with young.

Canon 300D + 100-300mm Sigma lens.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Flamborough Head, North Landing.

Continuing my archive pictures along the Yorkshire Coast this is North Landing on Flamborough Head.
Flamborough Head is a promontory on the Yorkshire coast stretching for 8 miles from Bridlington to Filey.  
There used to be two Lifeboat Stations, one to the south & another to the north of Flamborough Head.  The one at North Landing still exists but is no longer operational, just open for the public to visit.

(The photographs are shown in no particular order, but just as I took them on the day.)

North Landing is a cove between cliff headlands to the north of Flamborough Head.  A popular place for visitors, photographers and artists. 

The few boats here are used to take visitors out along the coast and on to view Bempton Cliffs, a major bird colony.

The small gable fronted building at the top of the slope is the old RNLI Lifeboat Station. 

These two boats are traditional "Yorkshire Cobbles".  Used for years along this coast for inshore fishing in the North Sea.

There are lots of old chains in the grass, once used to secure the boats on the upper slopes here.

North Landing on the Yorkshire coast.

Canon 300D + 18-125mm Sigma lens.

Monday 23 March 2020

A visit to the Seaside.

Just a few pictures taken at Bridlington.

Canon EOS300D + 100-300mm Sigma Lens
(Taken in June 2005)

Thursday 19 March 2020

The real residents of Bridlington.

Bridlington is a popular seaside resort on the Yorkshire coast and also a busy fishing port.  I have gone back into my archived pictures of a lovely day there a few years ago.

The Gulls are very vocal and their calls are part of a day at the seaside.  Be very careful when you eat your fish & chips tho' as they like to "share"!!

I'll post some other pics of general views from around Bridlington on a following blog post soon.

Canon Eos300D + 300mm Sigma.

Sunday 15 March 2020

A Blast from the Past.

 A blogging friend posted a few old images on his blog so I've done the same here.  Please take a look at Mike's blog by clicking the link below.

The pics I've posted here were taken on the 1st of July 2005 on a Canon EOS 300D + an 18-125mm Sigma lens.  I've processed them in modern software but with absolutely minimal enhancement.

The first set is from a location regular blog viewers will find only too familiar, sorry to bore you with them. I was photographing the Humber Bridge and the Barton Haven Boatyard even back in 2005!

 This set is from the Far Ings Nature Reserve on the banks of the Humber Estuary, just a few miles south of the Humber Bridge.

The broken stumps in the foreground are all that's left of a jetty here for loading Terrcotter RoofingTiles onto Barges.  A tileworks was once here and all that remains of it now is some derelict buildings in the wood behind here.

 Industrial remains from the tileworks and jetty are strewn all around.

 An old chain half buried in the beach with seaweed, exposed at low tide.

 I imagined this had the appearance of a map of the world?
Seen on some old laminated timber, quite modern really, probably washed up.

 The beach around the old jetty appears to be a mix of sand & pebbles.  However, on closer
inspection it's thousands of small terracotter fragments washed smooth by years of tidal
action.   They're all the broken or rejected tiles that had been dumped on the beach
alongside the barges.  see next pic.

 I collect a couple of bags of these whenever we visit the location.  They are of course very
salty from the sea water but after soaking in fresh water for a few days they make lovely
topping for my flower tubs.

The last pic is of some Wild Oats that have colonised the are with this frond arching over
some old timber.