Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Flamborough Head, North Landing.

Continuing my archive pictures along the Yorkshire Coast this is North Landing on Flamborough Head.
Flamborough Head is a promontory on the Yorkshire coast stretching for 8 miles from Bridlington to Filey.  
There used to be two Lifeboat Stations, one to the south & another to the north of Flamborough Head.  The one at North Landing still exists but is no longer operational, just open for the public to visit.

(The photographs are shown in no particular order, but just as I took them on the day.)

North Landing is a cove between cliff headlands to the north of Flamborough Head.  A popular place for visitors, photographers and artists. 

The few boats here are used to take visitors out along the coast and on to view Bempton Cliffs, a major bird colony.

The small gable fronted building at the top of the slope is the old RNLI Lifeboat Station. 

These two boats are traditional "Yorkshire Cobbles".  Used for years along this coast for inshore fishing in the North Sea.

There are lots of old chains in the grass, once used to secure the boats on the upper slopes here.

North Landing on the Yorkshire coast.

Canon 300D + 18-125mm Sigma lens.


  1. As always, such beautiful photos. The slope for the boats seems quite steep, wouldn't like to lose control half way down - or up. Interesting to see the Yorkshire cobbles, good that they can still be seen. Guess I just like the old traditions.
    Hope the enforced isolation is going well. We had to drive out this morning for an appointment and was surprised at how little traffic there was about.

    1. Thank you Mike, the self isolation is going ok but it seems very unreal what's going on. I'm keeping busy in the garden and, fortunately we are having some of the best March weather for quite a while. Of course it'll change now.

  2. I love these bold, colorful nautical shots. They are postcard perfect as usual. Glad you are well. Even though flooding rains are predicted here at least it is keeping people at home for the time being.

    1. I hope you're keeping well & safe Ann. It's been interesting to recycle these images, pleasant reminders of happy outings.
      We are enjoying some unusually good weather, blue skies and sunny all day but chilly out of the sunshine. Hopefully your rain may be only brief.

    2. Thanks, David. Any sign of spring is a good thing, even rain. Have a great weekend.