Thursday 14 July 2016

The Greenwich Meridian line, Cleethorpes.

The Greenwich Meridian runs from the North Pole to the South pole separating the eastern hemisphere from the western hemisphere.  It crosses Great Britain, first at Withernsea on the Yorkshire coast, then it crosses the Humber Estuary and passes right through Cleethorpes, my home town. 

There is a stainless steel strip of metal set into the pathway along the beach at it's exact point.  Here are a few photo's of the location.
The information board has all the facts, if you care to view
this image large you can read about it.

This is the location of "the line" viewed looking South.

As kids we used to straddle the line as that meant you had one foot in the east of the world
and the other in the west.  People still do this today!

This recently erected stone globe has the inscription below it saying that "The World revolves
around Cleethorpes".

A closer view shows "the line" clipping the east coast of England at Cleethorpes.  It also
illustrates just how far north Cleethorpes is, nearer to the Arctic Circle than the equator!

A signpost tells how far Cleethorpes is from a variety of points on Earth.

The Greenwich Meridian Line location seen looking North.


  1. A fascinating post David. I have only straddled the line at Greenwich itself.

    1. I remember seeing it as a child and being told the world's two halves came together here!