Thursday 24 August 2023

"Simply Mustangs UK" car club meeting.

 I had a 2nd visit to the monthly meeting of the "Simply Mustangs UK" owners meeting and they were celebrating a year since their beginning.

The lighting was a bit flat but the bright colours and shiny bodywork more than made up for that.

This 1964/5 model was just arriving.

The group were celebrating 1 year since their first meet up here.  Jan is cutting the cake and there were plenty of other treats.

A trophy the group won at a recent car show.

This chap proudly posed by his son's car.

The chap in the cap does regular video blogs of the cars and the policeman is the local bobby.

Someone tucking into the cake.

I was impressed by this Mustang's colours.

This couple sat in front of their Mustang enjoying coffee and gave me permission to
photograph under the bonnet. 

The engines on these Mustang cars are tightly squeezed into the engine bay!

Lurking beneath this bonnet was more than just horse power.

These are paintings of the owners own three cats.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50 lens.

Monday 14 August 2023

Humberston Fitties.

 The beach at Humberston Fitties is just south of Cleethorpes and is a popular location for both visitors and local folk.

Member of the nearby Humber Mouth Yacht Club moor their boats on the beach for the summer season.

A passing cargo ferry heading to the the Humber Ports.

Sandhills are protected from erosion by the sea with substantial structures.

Hail Sand Fort on the south side of the Humber Estuary, one of two WW1 forts.
In the background is Spurn Point Lighthouse and a large windfarm beyond,
out in the North Sea.

A few people going out to enjoy a day on the beach.

The Fitties beach is adjacent to the RSPB Tetney reserve and here you can see how the 
saltmarsh is encroaching onto the beach.

Sea defences.

Dogs are allowed along the beach at the Fitties.

The earlier cargo ferry passing behind the fort.

Sand patterns created by the wind.

These hardy folk are making good use of their windbreak on their edge of the nature reserve.

Marram Grass, used to bind the sand dunes together.

A more dramatic illustration of the saltmarsh and how it's creeping over the sandy beach.

A couple of locals having a break.

The "Buck Beck" flows down from the Lincolnshire Wolds and out onto the beach here.

It was a very cold, windy day but these hardy souls are enjoying the solitude
out in the sand dunes. 

Another couple of hardy souls.

There are lots of caravan parks along the Lincolnshire coast and these caravans
enjoy views out to sea.

The Buck Beck flowing through Cleethorpes on it's way to the sea.

In a nearby car park I got talking to this chap with his camper van, and his trusty
little Jack Russel dog.

Nikon Z50 + 50-150 lens.