Thursday 21 April 2016

Another visit to Mablethorpe.

Some unrelated items from our day at Mablethorpe.

I really don't think these would suit you Minnie!

I often see people out walking their dog without having it on
a lead.  I think it's a way of saying "I'm in control of my dog".
Well I'm not impressed!  This dog followed behind it's owner
very obediently but I shudder to think what might happen were it
to spot a cat on the other side of this busy road. 

All ready for sand castles on the beach.  So come on Sandra, I know you want to play! 

Tuesday 19 April 2016

The last visit to the 2015 "Asylum" at Lincoln.

This young man was a very good violinist.

A man & his wife enjoying a day out!

I saved this picture 'til last as it illustrates the essence of
Steam Punk, which is:-
"Enjoy yourself but don't hurt anyone".

All the images taken at The Aslum were captured
on a Panasonic G6 camera with a 14 - 140mm zoom.

Friday 15 April 2016


A few pictures from Cleethorpes promenade, taken in February when we had one two two sunny days.

No ice - creams today Sandra.....CLOSED!

Some characters from "The Asylum 2015".

I'm nearly up to date with images from The Asylum, one more set after this one.

Possibly related to Mr. Spock?

Thursday 14 April 2016

Mablethorpe, a few misc items.

These few pictures show the variety of items and attractions on offer at Mablethorpe.

One of the largest amusement arcades, this one has a bowling alley.

Just inside the amusement centre is this horse.  I'm assured
by my friend Sandra in Hawaii that it's a "she", so it must be. 

Super dog, I can't resist photographing dogs when I'm out.

"Robby the Robot" featured in the movie
"The Forbidden Planet"

Another tattoo parlour, they seem to be everywhere.

Spot the photographer?

It's chilly on our east coast, even in summer.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Mablethorpe, the main street.

My son Michael & I had a photography day at the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Mablethorpe.

One of the many Amusement Arcades.

Son Michael followed by My wife Carole with Suzi.