Thursday 7 April 2016

Some Different views of Louth. (Final set of 3).

The last set of images of Louth taken from unusual angles or viewpoints.

Seen in the optician's shop window.

As above.

A popular little café in the alleyway that links Mercer Row with the Market Place.
(In other words, I've forgotten it's name"!) 

Pawnshop Passage is well known in Louth, it links Mercer Row with an enclosed, rather
intimate little area of shops.  This area can be seen at:

These establishments are springing up all over the UK.  Not to my taste but, apparently,
they can be a life saver!

Looking back along Pawnshop Passage.

As with the Vaping Lounge, tattoo parlours seem to be everywhere.

You have been warned!!

All pictures taken on my Panasonic G6 camera
using the 14 - 42mm zoom.

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