Monday 29 April 2024

Ravendale Valley, Day One.

 On a rare sunny day in March, popcorn & I had a walk through Ravendale Valley.  It's situated at East Ravendale.

"East Ravendale is a small village and civil parish in North East Lincolnshire, England. It is situated 6 miles (9.7 km) south-south-west from Grimsby, and 0.5 miles (0.8 km) west from the A18"

Above info courtesy of Wikipedia.

We took our time walking through the valley and I kept stopping to take these photographs, after a while I decided to go back to the car and return on the next sunny day to complete the walk.  The first part of our walk is set in a wide area between rolling hills. 

The start of our walk into the valley.

We passed a few Yews in a paddock.

As far as I could see, no lambs in with them.

A crop sprayer passing some of the abundant Blackthorn blossom.

This limestone quarry has been closed and abandoned for many years.  I can remember 
cycling out here when I was a kid and it was closed then.

I popped in to look around.

Continuing along the lane.

This field often does have sheep and lambs but not on our visit.

The winding road disappears into the distance and a couple I had spoken to walk their dog. 

A bit of abandoned old farm implement. 

More old farm machinery, a handy thing to fasten Popcorn to while I took some pics.

This is where the road goes into the steeply sided valley in the distance.  The fields curve
around either side here.

A cattle grid and gate mark the start of the valley.  This where I decided to retrace our steps 
back to our car and return another day. 

A farm house tucked away in the fold of the hillside.

Popcorn enjoyed seeing these three dogs come past.

New Ivy starting it's way up this tree trunk.

Lichen on an old tree branch.

Back at our car, a last look back along the road.  
My intension was to return on the next sunny morning to complete the walk 
from the cattle grid into the valley.

Nikon Z6 ii with 24 - 70mm lens.


  1. That's an interesting walk, David. Does Popcorn have any interest in the sheep? The quarry must have brought back memories of childhood. Lovely photos as always ,enjoyed the walk, thanks.

    1. I remember when we went to the quarry you could get up the side of it and out onto the top. Some of my mates sat on the top rim with their legs over the edge! I never dared do that, I was a bit of a wimp.
      Popcorn is curious about sheep but doesn't show any aggression, he barks at the calfs when they run alongside the fence with us In Grainsby Park. He's always on a lead when out so he isn't a nuisance, I wouldn't trust any dog near livestock
      Thanks for commenting Mike, David.

  2. Oh I do love the sweep of those lovely fields on the hillsides, David. What beautiful landscape it is. The quarry has grown quite a natural look now, hasn't it? Amazing you remember it being closed when you were a child too. I cannot imagine still living near where I grew up. Of course, London is far too expensive for almost anyone these days, but even Dorset where I spent my teens seems out of reach now. It must be lovely to have lived there for so long. I love the lichen amongst the ivy on those last photos too, and so nice to see a photo of Popcorn!

    1. Thank you Val, the only way it's changed over the years is that fewer folk visit the area. It was once a very popular place to take children, but these days they prefer theme parks.
      Popcorn will continue to feature in my posts, he loves walks in the countryside or town, he just loves going out. Take care, David.

  3. What a beautiful landscape! Such a lovely walk. I particularly love the farmhouse tucked away, and Popcorn too!

  4. Interesting danger zones (sheep & quarry!) on an otherwise quaint walk ;) Lovely pics x