Sunday 30 September 2018

The Nightshift.

Middlethorpe Road (just at the end of my road) was in need of resurfacing and to reduce the amount of disruption the contractors, Specialist Surfacing Ltd, did the work in the evenings between the hours of  7pm - 6am.

There was a mix of lighting with the LED street lights + the powerful floods on the contractors machinery.  After correcting the lighting I decided it had killed all the night time atmosphere so I reverted to the lighting and colour balance as it was which I think adds to the drama of the operation.

Taken on my Olympus EM10 Mk2 with 12-100 MZUIKO pro lens.
Most were taken at F4 @ 2500 ISO.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Seaside Walk.

A miscellaneous set of images taken today when walking my dog Suzi.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 with 12-100 Pro lens.

Saturday 22 September 2018

Death of an old Friend.

On a favourite walk today through Grainsby Park in Lincolnshire we discovered that one of the oldest Horse Chestnut trees had been destroyed during the recent storms.
We took our children to this tree almost 50 years ago to gather Conkers.  I always looked out for the emerging sticky buds every Spring and followed their progress through to the lovely spikes of flowers and then into the Autumn when the fruit of the Horse Chestnut trees, known as Conkers, attracted generations of children to gather it's conkers.  The common name for these trees is Conker Trees.

We don't know how old "our"  Conker Tree was but have known it for 50 years or more and it was fully grown when we first came across it.
A lot of Horse Chestnut trees in Britain have become infected in recent years with a disease called "Bleeding Canker" which weakens the tree causing the leaves to shrivel and die prematurely, eventually the whole tree succumbs and dies.
"Our" tree had been showing the tell tale leaf damage for many years and I'm certain this disease had weakened it to the point that it couldn't withstand the recent gales.
Below are three pictures of it, taken today.

It wasn't just some of the large boughs that succumbed but the whole tree
from the top of it's trunk.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 with 12-100 Mzuik Pro lens.

Monday 17 September 2018

Cleethorpes Half Marathon, 5K Run & Fun Run.

The event took place on Sunday 16th September.

The Half Marathon went out of town and through the Lincolnshire Countryside before returning to the finish on Cleethorpes Central Promenade.
The 5K & Fun Run was along the beach, finishing on the Central Promenade.

The massed start to the Half Marathon.

Some Fun Runners.

Cleethorpes Band entertained the spectators & runners.

5K runners.

Late spectators?

The finish line for all classes.

Royal Naval Lifeboat Institute Mascot welcomed all the runners home.

Spectators & A DOGGY getting a good view.

Climbing wall near the finish line.

Plenty of toilets.

Three finishers show off their medals.

Super sunglasses!

And finally......well you knew I would.  Didn't you?
Olympus EM10 Mk2 with 12-100 Mzuiko Pro lens.