Saturday 20 February 2016

"Knicks Knacks Emporium" at Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire (As seen on TV!) First of 2 sets.

Anyone who, like me, loves shops with character will really enjoy
"Knicks and Knacks" at Sutton on Sea.
Viewers of the popular TV series "Salvage Hunters" may recall that this shop was featured on the program.
"Knicks Knacks" is on the main street in Sutton on Sea.

The proprietor of Knicks Knacks, he gave me permission to photograph both outside
and inside his shop.  For anyone like me who enjoys nostalgic items and original shops
it is like a little Aladdin's Cave!

There is a photo memento in the shop from when "Salvage Hunters" visited and here we can
see the shop owner on the left with Drew Pritchard, the main man in the TV series.

I picked out quite a few items to photograph and this is one
of my favourites.

As a retired British Telecom telephone engineer this was always going to attract me!

Another attractive young lady.

A selection of original door knobs, apparently Drew Pritchard bought some of these
along with some other items.

A lovely old clock and oil lamp.

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