Thursday 28 May 2015

Tealby Thorpe (2 of 2).

May blossom on the Hawthorn Trees.

A green lane with Spring flowers.

Bankside plants along the stream.

This shallow crossing is easily negotiated by vehicles.

The old water mill.

The wheel at the water mill.

Primulas in a bankside.

Looking across the fields the church at the nearby village of Tealby can be seen.

All pictures in this series taken on a Panasonic TZ60 compact camera.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Tealby Thorpe (1 of 2).

Tealby Thorpe is a small hamlet in Lincolnshire.  It has only a few houses and a stream that runs through it.  The stream was once able to be forded by vehicles for quite a way along it to get to the next village but has become too deep for all but farm vehicles.  A short  shallow stretch can be crossed to get to several houses.

Renovated farm buildings on the approach to Tealby Thorpe.

One of the houses adjacent to the stream.

This little ford is easily negotiated by cars being only inches deep.

Further along the stream, my wife and little dog Suzi on the footbridge.

Panorama looking from Tealby Thorpe over the Lincolnshire Wolds.

This is at the other end of the stream where the road follows the course of the stream and
was once able to be driven along (I did so many years ago and it was quite frightening then!).
Now, the stream bed has been eroded away so much that in places it can be very deep.

Springtime and the Bluebells are out.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Little Cawthorpe and Legbourne.

A few images from a fleeting re-visit to Little Cawthorpe, plus the old mill at Legbourne, the adjacent village.
These people are pumping water from the brook into large plastic barrels. 
I don't know for what purpose.

Wild Campion.

Seen before at the old Collonial House.

The old mill at Legbourne, currently being renovated.  Legbourne village is right next to
Little Cawthorpe.

This cottage built in 1862 stands next to the mill.  Possibly the Millers House?

May blossom of the Hawthorne tree.
The former railway station at Legbourne. Some years after the line closed it was a museum of railway memorabilia but is now a private residence.
The old station.

I may have posted some of these images from Legbourne's old station previously but I think
they fit in nicely with the old mill and Little Cawthorpe.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Brigsley re-thatched.

I recently posted pictures of the thatched cottage at Brigsley in Lincolnshire.  We passed there again last Sunday and found it's being re-thatched so here are just one or two images of it.
The thatch isn't taken off completely.  The thatcher removes enough to reach a solid base
and then begins to build it up again until complete.

The Wisteria is in full bloom behind the scaffolding. 

All pictures taken on my Panasonic TZ60 compact on a day when the lighting could have been better.

Sunday 17 May 2015

Little Cawthorpe (The Splash) 2 of 2.

A view of "The Splash".

Another view of the stream passing through this garden.

This chap is a life sized statue in the garden of "The Colonial House".

This part of the stream is not suitable for cars but I'm sure a 4X4 with a good ride
height could negotiate it safely.
It's that lady again Sandra, I'm not sure who is stalking who really!! :-)

Here the stream diverts below the bridge to continue on it's way through more gardens.

One of the gardens which has the stream passing through.

This is the last in this set from Little Cawthorpe but, we called there again today
so I may publish those images quite soon.

All taken on a Panasonic TZ60 compact camera.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Little Cawthorpe (The Splash) 1 of 2.

I've posted a few pictures from Little Cawthorpe in the past, here are some more from a recent visit.  Little Cawthorpe is a very attractive village in Lincolnshire, England.  Known locally as "The Splash" due to the ford at the bottom of the village were a stream crosses the road.  It's only a few inches deep and cars "splash" through it, much to the amusement of children (and adults).

Known as "The Colonial House"

The stream passes through this garden which has been
beautifully landscaped. 

Notice the gorilla at the top right!

It's really quite large as can be judged by the summer house behind it.