Saturday 23 May 2015

Little Cawthorpe and Legbourne.

A few images from a fleeting re-visit to Little Cawthorpe, plus the old mill at Legbourne, the adjacent village.
These people are pumping water from the brook into large plastic barrels. 
I don't know for what purpose.

Wild Campion.

Seen before at the old Collonial House.

The old mill at Legbourne, currently being renovated.  Legbourne village is right next to
Little Cawthorpe.

This cottage built in 1862 stands next to the mill.  Possibly the Millers House?

May blossom of the Hawthorne tree.
The former railway station at Legbourne. Some years after the line closed it was a museum of railway memorabilia but is now a private residence.
The old station.

I may have posted some of these images from Legbourne's old station previously but I think
they fit in nicely with the old mill and Little Cawthorpe.

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