Sunday, 17 May 2015

Little Cawthorpe (The Splash) 2 of 2.

A view of "The Splash".

Another view of the stream passing through this garden.

This chap is a life sized statue in the garden of "The Colonial House".

This part of the stream is not suitable for cars but I'm sure a 4X4 with a good ride
height could negotiate it safely.
It's that lady again Sandra, I'm not sure who is stalking who really!! :-)

Here the stream diverts below the bridge to continue on it's way through more gardens.

One of the gardens which has the stream passing through.

This is the last in this set from Little Cawthorpe but, we called there again today
so I may publish those images quite soon.

All taken on a Panasonic TZ60 compact camera.

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