Tuesday 12 May 2020

"Extreme Pics" from the archives.

Still unable to go beyond the confines of our home, I've revisited my archives for a few pics to make a blog post.
The Corona Virus lockdown seems very extreme so I collected a few "Extreme Pics" from visits to the Lincoln Steam Punk "Asylum Weekends".

This lady is a regular visitor to Steam Punk gatherings, Amy, Elizabeth Smith.

No-one will be surprised to see I found an "extreme" dog.

I'm told this is a "plague mask".  Very topical during these "extreme" times.

Coloured contact lenses have become popular.

Another "really extreme" dog!

This lady had some extremely interesting make up.

A very friendly person, extreme eye lashes.

This young lady wasn't "extreme" at all, just extremely happy & pleasant.

Now this is "extreme"!

"Extreme" & downright scary!

Of all the Steam Punk characters I've photographed, if I had
to choose a favourite this young lady would be high on my list.
Nothing extreme or scary about her, just extremely jolly with
a great smile.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60mm Leica lens.


  1. Extreme and delightful! I have always loved your posts from this unique event. And I agree that it seems appropriate ro share these during these bizarre times. Our lockdown has been gradually lifted to allow certain activities, but the recommendation for my age is to still stay at home as cases of the virus are still on the rise locally. I’m grateful to be healthy and to have plenty of food and supplies. So many are suffering and having difficulty feeding their families I cannot complain. I hope you are well, David. We’ve been watching The Repair Shop series on Netflix and the skilled craftsmen and women are pretty amazing. A good distraction at least. Take care.

    1. Forgot to say, "The repair shop" has been very popular here in the UK and, as you say, the crafts men & women very skillfull. I wasn't aware you could see the series on Netflix. 😊

  2. It's a pleasure to hear from you Ann. The Pandemic is so unreal & strange but, of course, very real and devastating to folk who've lost family of friends. Our lockdown has been relaxed a little but not for our age group so we must be patient, I fear it's too soon and there will be a rise in infected cases. I don't see things ever returning to what was considered to be "normal".
    I keep recycling my archive images to supplement new pics taken around our home & garden to put something on my blog. How long I can get away with it is another matter!. Lincolnshire folk have a reputation for being a bit tight fisted so I'm just trying to get my monies worth from my pics. 😊. One fascinating feature of my blog is the amount of viewings I'm getting from unlikely places, top of the list just now is Russia with double the amount of views I get from the USA! I don't know what is attracting them, also I'm getting people from the Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Portugal & other foreign places.
    Keep safe Ann.

  3. The high count from Russia is likely due to spammers, not true visitors. If you look at your traffic sources you might see some odd URLs. Never click on them. This has been a consistent issue for this platform for a long time. I will often see a big spike in page views only to see that the audience is Russia and the comments are spam or click bait fake sites.

    1. You are absolutely right Ann, the high count from Russia is always accompanied with a really sharp spike on the graph. Thank you for telling me, I never click on the sites, in fact I never click on anything I haven't initiated.
      My son Michael's blog is on WordPress & he's tried to persuade me to change to it from Blogger. It does look much better but I'm reluctant as I may lose contact with long term followers like yourself and more recently Mike Perry.
      Take care, David.

  4. Love these photos, David, so entertaining and fun. A great smile, as you say, from your final photo - a breath of fresh air in these difficult time.

    Reading the other comments from Ann and yourself. I get a little spam from Russia. I have clicked on a couple of the URL's and they were porn. Over the last month the top countries are USA, UK, China, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan.

    Keep smiling.

    1. Glad you found these "punk pics" interesting Mike. I get the same countries as you too.