Sunday 24 May 2020

"Another chance to see......." a few Lincolnshire views.

Having had a few viewings of my previous (recycled) post, and also some encouraging words from a blog friend, here's another post from the early days of my blog.

A picture from the early days of this blog.

Boats berthed at Saltfleet Haven, a small river on the Lincolnshire coast North of mablethorpe.  The waterway has become badly silted up over the years but was once a thriving location for local fishermen fishing out in the North Sea.

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  1. That worked well, David. Went to the full post and also one slightly older featuring the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. Great!

    1. Thank you Mike, maybe I can repeat this exercise as long as I don't overdue it. 😊

  2. Well done! The marvelous textures you’ve created do an excellent job of supporting the description! I like this photo a lot.

    1. Thank you Ann, I might be able to repeat this idea for a while, as long as I stick to the oldest posts from way back.
      I've also taken your recent advice & encouragement and I've been "dabbling" in abstract pictures of everyday items around our house.
      Not really on the Lincolnshire theme, and perhaps of interest only to fellow photographers. But it's keeping me amused and I hope you too. A couple of abstract posts to follow soon.
      David 😊.