Tuesday 5 May 2020

Peonies, Pansies & Pegs + something a bit "Fishy"!

The Covid 19 lockdown continues so I'm restricted to photographing in my garden, not such a bad thing though.  The Poppies have started flowering, as have the Peonies and the pegs(?)  Well they're a permanent fixture.

I posted this a short while ago but managed to revert it to "draft"
 Don't know how but here it is again.

We have Welsh Poppies all over our garden, starting from a single
packet of seed many years ago and then years of self sowing.  I'm a 
lot to blame as I gather the seed each year and scatter it everywhere.

A small percentage of the poppies produce these yellow flowers which we love.

Don't know what this tiny plant is, we bought one in a small pot from the garden centre
many years ago and were told it would also self seed very freely.  Well the original plant
disappeared but, as predicted, it's left its seed in paving everywhere, and we love it too.  

The first Peony of this year, almost open. 

Another Peony bud bursting.

Alchemilla mollis
We bought this plant last summer and thought it had died over winter but here it is again.

I have a fisheye lens on loan from number one son Michael.  I got it to try before the "lockdown" so, as we can't go out or be visited, it's mine for the duration!
Ok, I can only use it in the home & garden, so here are a few pics from it.

These pics were taken about 2 inches away from the point of focus, very strange but the wide angle of view creates interesting pictures.

Camelia flower. 

Taken from just inside our dining room.

Slightly outside the patio doors, the whole garden is in view, including our house
back wall with hose reel!  This fish eye lens is a lot of fun!

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm Mzuiko & a 7mm Fisheye lens.


  1. Delightful photos as always. Your flowers are lovely. How fun to have the lens for experimenting and I agree that it can produce some very interesting shots.

    1. It's good to hear from you Ann & thanks for your comment, always appreciated. Keep safe. 😊

  2. The poppies are lovely, almost like paper and such vivid colours. Our local Eden Project and Lost Gardens of Heligan usually both have a field of wild flowers including poppies. Always a lovely sight - but not this year unfortunately!

    1. Thanks Mike. There are many things we'll miss seeing for quite a while. At times it gets me down but then I remember that our family hasn't experienced the sadness that others have. Strange times, keep safe Mike.