Sunday, 10 May 2020

Some new pics from the "Lockdown".

I may need to take another look in my archives for blog posts soon but in the meantime, I've scraped together an eclectic mix of images from an afternoon in my garage & garden.

Sat in my garage on a rare hot day (well, 21 degrees is quite warm for May) listening to the
radio, I looked around for items to photograph.  This is a mix of (VERY) odd subjects but
illustrates how boring the lockdown is now becoming.

Boredom has been replaced by desperation now, didn't realise how old my hands look!

Suzi encouraged me to come into the garden.

Sobraria 'Sem'

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm Mzuiko Lens.


  1. An interesting batch of photos, David, though Suzi rules supreme!
    I guess we'll all have a little more freedom as from Wednesday - though I know that Karin and I will still take care, especially with social distancing.

    1. Yes I'm afraid you're right, Suzi rules our roost! 😁