Wednesday 27 May 2020

The new "Blogger" interface.

I've started trying out the new version of blogger so this post is a trial first attempt to get used to the changes.
I've used an image of my Suzi in reflective mood + my son's two Bedlington Terriers which is my son's image taken on his mobile phone.


Dolly (left) & Basil (right).

This exercise is to get used to image placement and captions.
My 1st impression of the newer "blogger" is favourable, once I get used to things being in different places.


  1. Beautiful portraits! Of course I have met your precious Suzi and now your Grandogs. They are all great subjects and I never tire of seeing any animal photos.

  2. My "granddogs" are real characters, I shouldn't have a favourite I know, but Dolly is rather special. 😀