Thursday 20 June 2024

Some trees seen on a walk with Popcorn.

I've been able to take some photos recently but dont seem to get chance to sort a few to make a new post for the blog.

So here are a few pics of trees seen on a walk some time ago.  I took these pics while walking with Popcorn in February.

These are the "popular Poplar Trees" seen along the A16 in Lincolnshire.  I have been 
photographing them in various seasons for many years, as have all the keen photographers
around here.

A very old Horse Chestnut tree.

Lovely and bright through here in winter but at the height of summer, when the trees are in
full leaf, it's dark and like entering a cathedral.

Blackthorn blossom in the foreground. 

Blackthorn blossom.

A view across the fields to a small group of trees.  Away in the distance the land rises
at the start of the Lincolnshire Wolds hills.

I don't know what trees these are on the horizon, they have red berries in the Autumn.

A bridleway which my wife & I regularly walked, many happy memories.
Not sure I can tackle it just yet.

Those "berry trees" again.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50mm lens.

Monday 10 June 2024

A few sights along the seafront at Cleethorpes.

 Over the weekend Popcorn & I had one or two walks along our promenade and I photographed the inshore RNLI lifeboat going out on a "shout", plus one or two other "odd items".

I've uploaded them in the order that I took them.

Willys Pub is opposite the beach on our seafront, but what caught my eye was this gentleman
walking by dressed in smart attire we don't seem to see nowadays.

Something else you don't often see, two little dogs enjoying a trip out in their buggy!

On the beach is what I really came out to see, the work on our new RNLI station is coming
on now.  Work started in early 2020  but when the main contractor went into liquidation it all
stopped.  Now things are really moving and the steel structure is going up.

Suddenly a siren sounded and from the old RNLI inshore lifeboat station (opposite the new one)
the crew where going out on a "shout" to rescue someone out in the Humber Estuary.

The tide was way out so the "Rib" had to be taken to the water on a trailer, towed there by
the tractor.

One more crew member to join them.....

Away down the slipway....

And out to the water.
I've lived in Cleethorpes all my life and this was the first time I'd seen an emergency launch.
I've seen several practice runs, but this was for real!

This is looking into the compound for the new lifeboat station. 

Steels laid out on the ground waiting to be lifted into place.

I've been going down to photograph the construction and progress with the crane lifting and
lowering steels into place.  I'll post a few photo's of the work in a future post.

And finally, as I was walking along the seafront gardens along came a rather colourful couple who kindly allowed me to photograph them and also said I could post their picture on my blog.
They were on there way to a festival being held at the south end of Cleethorpes.

Nikon Z6ii + 24 - 70mm lens.

Saturday 1 June 2024

Sea Anglers on the Humberston Fitties.

 Popcorn & I had a walk along the Humberston Fitties in January this year.  Not many people about but there were some sea anglers having a fishing contest.

A sandbank as the incoming tide advanced.

A view out to one of the old WW1 forts in the Humber Estuary.

One of the sea anglers, well wrapped up against the cold.

Another angler adjusting his rig.  I've been a keen freshwater angler most of my life but
only during the warmer months.  

The tide is almost at it's height now but the sandbank still uncovered.  Some folk often get
marooned on these sandbanks and need to be rescued.

I didn't see any of the anglers catch anything but they assured me they do.

This on had set up on the small staging which leads down to the beach.

Not a rough sea but it can be here during storms.

A distant view showing the little jetty with steps down to the beach.

Winter gales had blown sand onto the seafront footpaths and Council workmen were clearing it.

A couple more sea angler pics to finish with.

I mentioned on a recent post how Popcorn crosses his paws when
relaxing, I took this a few days ago.

It's a mobile phone pic.

Nikon Z50 + 18-140 lens.