Thursday 20 June 2024

Some trees seen on a walk with Popcorn.

I've been able to take some photos recently but dont seem to get chance to sort a few to make a new post for the blog.

So here are a few pics of trees seen on a walk some time ago.  I took these pics while walking with Popcorn in February.

These are the "popular Poplar Trees" seen along the A16 in Lincolnshire.  I have been 
photographing them in various seasons for many years, as have all the keen photographers
around here.

A very old Horse Chestnut tree.

Lovely and bright through here in winter but at the height of summer, when the trees are in
full leaf, it's dark and like entering a cathedral.

Blackthorn blossom in the foreground. 

Blackthorn blossom.

A view across the fields to a small group of trees.  Away in the distance the land rises
at the start of the Lincolnshire Wolds hills.

I don't know what trees these are on the horizon, they have red berries in the Autumn.

A bridleway which my wife & I regularly walked, many happy memories.
Not sure I can tackle it just yet.

Those "berry trees" again.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50mm lens.


  1. Hello David, enjoyed the "popular Poplar Trees". I remember admiring them from a previous blog. Hope things ease for you, take care, Mike.

    1. Thank you Mike. This post was one "I prepared earlier" in the year.
      It's coming up to the 1st anniversary of my wife Carole passing away, the 1st of July.
      Do take care, David.

  2. Hi David. Thinking of you as you approach the anniversary of Carole’s passing. I hope that in time you will be able to take this walk with Popcorn and think fondly of your special times with Carole. I am happy to see these winter photos which show the trees without their leaves and you’ve captured the wonderful detail of the Horse Chestnut. This seems a very beautiful walk-in every season. It would be fun to see the same scenes in spring, summer and fall as well. It is beastly hot here in the Midwest US so seeing these pictures is very cooling! Take good care. Ann K.

    1. Thank you Ann, so thoughtful of you, as always. David.