Monday 25 February 2013

The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway (2nd Visit)

A few more images from this lovely little heritage railway set in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  These photo's were taken on different occasions and in different seasons.  My favorites are the ones taken in the snow.
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Ludborough Station platform.

Signal Box view.

As a retired BT telephone engineer I found these old instruments interesting.

Waiting renovation.

Restaurant car used as a static cafe, frost covered today.

Drivers viewpoint.

The dog always rides the footplate when his owner is driving.

Taking on water.

My own personal favorite from this sequence of images at the Wolds Railway.

For the photographers among you, these photographs were taken with
a Panasonic DMC FZ75.

Thursday 21 February 2013


The small town of Caistor sits high up on the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of exceptional beauty.  In recent years the town has undergone a lot of renovation work and is now a really pretty little town, well worth a visit.  In 2011 it was voted as the best kept small market town in the "Lincolnshire best kept village and small towns competition" 

                                          These photographs were taken in August 2012.
Panoramic view of Caistor market place.
(Please click on this image to view large)

Caistor Post Office with the 2011 winning plaque proudly on show.

Mick's Chippy, I had some lovely fish & Chips from here!!

King & Sons, local butchers shop.
Closed as it was half-day, a tradition no longer retained in larger towns but something 

I remember fondly from my childhood. 

Situated just off the Market Place.
Formerly known as the "Sessions House" it was
erected in 1662.
Leading off the Market Place is this pleasant row of well maintained houses.

A pleasant view along the High Street.

The old Fire Station in Caistor. Dated 1889.

Above the door of the Fire Station, badly weathered but just  about readable as
"Fire Engine" 1889.

There are many natural springs in and around Caistor.  This one is "Syfer Spring"

A pleasant day to enjoy the sun whilst taking a rest and a pint.

An unconventional view of the Market Place but one that appealed to me.

Leading back to the Market Place.

The Market Place reflected in a window.

Caistor Market Place.
 For the photographers amongst you, these images were all taken on my Panasonic DMC FZ150 camera.
I also use a Canon EOS 400 SLR but find the FZ150 bridge camera lighter to carry and far more versatile.

Monday 18 February 2013

Barton & Barrow upon Humber.

We had a day along the coast of the River Humber starting at the Humber Bridge which crosses the Humber from the Lincolnshire coast at Barton on Humber over to Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire.  A few miles further along the shoreline is Barrow on Humber and we called at a small  anchorage called Barrow Haven.  There are usually a few permanently berthed small craft there plus larger freighters that unload bulk cargoes onto the wharf.  It was low tide for our visits, in my mind the best state of tide for these little creeks, as the mud flats provide a far more attractive photograph then when the water is high.

All pictures taken on Sunday 17th February 2013.

The Humber bridge taken from the south side on the Lincolnshire coast.  
The Humber Bridge, near Kingston upon Hull, England, is a 2,220 m single-span suspension bridge, which opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. It is the sixth-largest of its type in the world.(Information courtesy of Wikipedia)
Please click on this picture to see it larger.

Barton creek with the bridge in the background.

An old Humber keelboat beached just out of the navigation channel.

Tied up alongside the boat repair yard at Barton.

Watersedge Visitor Centre at Barton.  The Watersedge Country Park is a large area of  lakes 
and wetlands, an ideal area for many visiting migratory birds. It is on the site of a previous industrial 
site now conserved for nature and has many way-marked walks and areas to view the wildlife.

The curved front of the Visitor Centre.  

Footpath from Barton to Barrow.

River Humber with a view down to the bulk terminal at New Holland.

Barrow Haven.

Barrow Haven Cargo Wharf.

Smaller boats alongside the wharf.

The cargo wharf area can be seen in the background.

A Few More Images from Cleethorpes Promenade.

A few out of season images taken along the seafront at Cleethorpes (my home town).  Some were taken recently but others were taken about the same time last year.

Obviously Can't read!
To be fair, this was taken before Good Friday, but I thought it made  a good story.

Lots of steps, the  large building at top left is "The Point", a relatively new development of apartments.

The "Mermaid Cafe", a Victorian structure of glass & wrought iron.  Situated next to the railway
station overlooking the beach.  A very popular venue in the summer months.

I just like colour, lots of it so this was a must for me.

I spotted these pots and thought they reminded me of  a gunfight in a western film.
I know what you're thinking!  I call this "The Standoff"!