Saturday 9 February 2013

Seals on the Lincolnshire Coast.

There are several colonies of Atlantic Grey Seals along the Lincolnshire and Norfolk coast.  They come close to the shore from October to the end of December to give birth to their pups.  Although they may look cute don't approach them too closely.  They are wild animals and WILL BITE!  Even the pups.

Adult female.

No flash please!

Grey Seal pup.

The show-off!

Grey Seal pup.

Adult Grey Seal.

Grey Seal pup, born with a full set of SHARP teeth.!

Adult female Grey Seal, the parent of the pup shown above.  She was laying in a creek with her pup hauled out on the beach, as soon as she saw me she came out of the water and believe me, they can move very quickly!
Do take care near these animals.

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