Friday 15 February 2013

"The Point", High Cliff, Cleethorpes

A set of images showing the demolition of JD's Nightclub and it's replacement, "The Point", a block of luxury apartments.  I took many pictures documenting the whole process from start to completion.  The work started in January 2004 and was completed in November 2005.  Here are just a few photo's of the main stages.

JD's being prepared for demolition.

Demolition begins.

Almost down to ground level now.

The steelwork being erected.

A head for heights is required.

A very dangerous job.

The iconic shape is now appearing and we can see the observation tower.

The gap is filled in between the new construction and "The Nottingham House" next door.

The floor rafting doing in.

Further work to the exterior.

The roof work continues.

The view from inside the observation tower.
Under floor heating cables going in and the pier in the distance.

The observation tower seen from the roof of The Point, overlooking the Humber Estuary and giving views of the
Yorkshire coastline on the far side.

Back inside the tower, all work complete now.
This photograph was taken during the final week of the
building project.

The completed building, most of the apartments now occupied, taken 5th November 2005.

A variety of cameras were used for this project, the earlier shots were taken on a Nikon 4300 digital compact camera.  For the later ones I used a Canon EOS 300D.

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