Monday 9 July 2018

A Few "Arrows".

Part of the Red Arrows display at the Cleethorpes Armed Forces Day 2018.  
I didn't attend this year, these were taken from my back garden a mile or two away.

Olympus EM10ii with 40-150mm Mzuiko lens.

Miscelaneous pics...."Pets & Plants".

A selection of recent photo's.  Mostly taken in my garden with some obvious exceptions.

My Tortoise, "Joey". Considerably older than me, he must be around 80 years old now.

"Suzi" keeping cool in the shade during the long hot spell.


Begonia "Apricot Shades".


Left on barbed wire by the Character in the next pictures.

Obviously NOT one of my pets.  Highland cattle in Ravendale Valley.

Olympus EM10ii with 12-60mm Leica Lens.

(My EM5ii is away for warranty repairs but I like the EM10ii equally as much)