Monday 29 February 2016

"The Asylum", more characters from Lincoln.

A few more odd bods from the Steam Punk event.

This is Niki & Matt who I met at a previous "Asylum" gathering.  Nice people, always
willing to be photographed, as all "Punks" are.

Sunday 28 February 2016

Beach Huts at Sandilands.

Further along the coast from Sutton On Sea is Sandilands where there are a few more of the colourful beach huts.

Boys and their Toys!

These were taken a while back in 2005 at the Grimsby & District Model Engineering Society's site in the grounds of the Waltham Windmill.
All the loco's & rolling stock are engineered by the members and they give rides around their permanent track on Public Holidays and other special weekend events.

taken on a Canon 300D camera.

MG Sports car

Water drops

A few water drop images.

Saturday 27 February 2016

Beach Huts at Sutton On Sea. (Set 2, (Privately owned Huts)

A few hundred yards further along the coast at Sutton On Sea are these beach huts.  They appear more individually decorated so I assume they are owned privately.

Friday 26 February 2016

Beach Huts at Sutton On Sea. (Set 1, Council Owned Huts.)

These beach huts were threatened with demolition due to maintenance costs but I heard that a private company may take over the running of them. 

Set below the beach Huts are these areas to get out of the wind and enjoy the sunshine.

When out & about I have to photograph any dogs I come across.

In the distance is my wife Carole with our dog Suzi.

Taken about a week ago when we were enjoying some winter sun.

Thursday 25 February 2016

A lincolnshire View & Hubbards Hills.

Hubbards Hills is a favourite area of Lincolnshire.

Hubbard's Hills was donated to the town of Louth by the trustees of Auguste Alphonse Pahud, and opened to the public on 1 August 1907.

(The above info courtesy of Wikipedia)

(These pictures were taken today)

A view over the Lincolnshire Wolds near Hubbards Hills.  The mast in the distance is
the Belmont TV transmitter.

Hubbards Hills. This stream, the River Ludd runs through the valley and on into
the nearby market town of Louth.

The café has been here as long as I can remember and is very popular in the summer.
In winter it only opens on weekends.