Saturday, 27 November 2021

Cleethorpes seafront.

 A few photo's from a walk along Cleethorpes seafront.

Some hardy people enjoying the beach on a chilly October afternoon.

The tide goes a long way out at Cleethorpes but I prefer low tide for taking photo's
as it's has more interest.

Local people and dog walkers enjoying a peaceful afternoon.  The building in the B/G
is our Leisure Centre.

Cleethorpes is on the east coast of England, just inside the Humber Estuary. 
The mouth of the Estuary can be seen on the horizon with Spurn Point Lighthouse 
and a WW1 Fort to the rightBeyond that is the North Sea.

Although there were a few people out we still kept our distance.

The Pier in the distance and the rides and amusements that our visitors enjoy.

And finally, I looked over the railing onto the beach to see this happy local looking at me.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60 Lumix Lens.


  1. Interesting to see Cleethorpes seafront. I like the traditional seaside views,with the pier, reminds me of childhood for some reason. Lovely photos especially the 'happy local'.

    1. Thanks Mike, Cleethorpes is a small seaside resort (I call it "the last resort") but we like it. Strong gales here today due to this "Storm Arwen", we've had a small amount of mortar come out of our gable end roof tiles. As long as the tiles don't loosen we'll be able to get it rectified when the gales subside. Take care.

    2. We have had the strong winds as well and it has been quite cold. Have been concerned about the trees on the opposite side of the road to us, but otherwise okay. It has quietened now.

  2. It looks wintry and like a very pleasant place for a stroll in any season. I always enjoy your pictures of Cleethorpes and that is quite a regal looking dog! A pier is always a special place it seems, and I know that this one gets very active and busy in the summer. Delightful post and it makes me want to be on the coast again!

    1. Thanks Ann, it's very different in winter, take care.